Zentralarchiv der Ev. Kirche der Pfalz:
Zukunft braucht Vergangenheit - Wir zeigen Ihnen den Weg!

Basic information on genealogical research in the Central Archives of the Evangelical Church of the Palatinate

The church registers from parishes of the Evangelical Church of the Palatinate (Evangelische Kirche der Pfalz) are available in archion.de.

From January 1876 on forward, the civil registry offices [Standesamt] are responsible for personal/marital status cases. For legal reasons church registers can only be provided up to 1875.

Appointments are required: phone: 0049 6232-667-180/ e-mail: please use our contact form.

All archive staff members will be glad to assist you within the scope of their other duties.


Up to ½ day: 6.00 Euro
Up to 1 day: 10.00 Euro

Digital copies made by the customer are 0.50 Euro each.

The archive charges the following fees for written inquiries:

12.00 Euro for the first quarter an hour, 9.00 Euro for each additional quarter an hour of research, up to a maximum of 147.00 Euro (4 working hours)

Certification of transcripts, excerpts or copies is 6.00 Euro per page

An archive library is available with literature in reference to local history and geography and general history (genealogical tables, citizen books, town chronicles)

For any further information contact 0049 6232/667-180 or use the contact form.